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About Me: Yo what's good? My name's Xochitl :D (Pronounced Sho-Chee) I'm 9teen, and I love fictional men :D . I'm a native (Teneek/Nahua) Latino (Mexican/Guatemalan,) I identify as nonbinary genderfluid and use any pronouns! I can be your uber autism and shitty webnovel writing mutual :D
I have a lot of F/Os (i hoard them hehe) but my current biggest main is Arjuna from FGO! I'm also hyperfixated on Fate right now :D (though I'm still new and I don't know much about it yet.) My other mains are Xiao from Genshin Impact, Dan Heng from Honkai Star Rail, Sampo Koski from Honkai Star Rail, Karna from FGO, Heng Makara from Testament (the shitty webnovel mentioned earlier,) and Sano Manjirou from Tokyo Revengers!
My interests include Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Tokyo Revengers, FGO, Phantom Tales of the Night, and Persona 5!
Other than kissing fictional men, I also like website making, journaling, language learning, fic writing, OC making, and daydreaming! I speak ENG/SPA/JPN and can read CN/VIET! (why I can't speak: the tones... they kill me... /lh)
lowkey this site is a permanent wip !!! (i have terrible memory issues and randomly remember f/os + i suck at coming up with tags)
does a gay lil dance and dies
  • First things first, DNI if you fit any basic DNI criteria (racist, homophobic, etc, unkindly fuck off)
  • Proshitters, remove yourself off my site rn, I don't want you spreading your germs
  • Kindly DNI if we share F/Os that I have listed as uncomfortable sharing. I've had WAAY too many people completely ignore this rule in the past and it makes me really uncomfortable. Simply do not interact/block this blog please. :(
  • Please DNI if you post DSMP/Euphoria content or lots of content of the characters Hisoka (HxH) or Makima (CSM), it makes me uncomfortable.
  • Slightly less serious, if you're an aggressive gatekeeper go away lmao
  • I'd rather not engage in media discourse, don't bring it near me. The media I've personally blackisted is blacklisted for my own comfort, please don't try to attack me for it.
  • I also don't like age discourse. I have some F/Os that don't have canon ages but I don't wanna argue about it. I don't selfship with characters unless I have multiple reasons to believe they're adults or a majority of people agree they're adults. just,,,, :P
  • if you don't like selfshipping go away lmao (why are you even here my brother in christ /ref)

  • Lemme start out with this: Yes, I do consume some problematic media but this does NOT mean I support them. I am critical of all media I consume.
  • I am AutiADHD and I cannot control my hyperfixations, so if you see a million posts about the same media in a row, ooops :D
  • I call people dude/homie/bro gender-neutrally, but please let me know if it makes you uncomfortable!
  • I try my best to keep track of blacklists but if something slips my mind, please let me know!
  • I heavily headcanon my f/os and talk about these headcanons frequently . if you don't like it then uhhhhhhh lmao
  • I softblock pretty liberally so beware.
  • I post 18+/suggestive content under the "xo horny jail" tag, I don't mind if minors follow me just block this tag.
  • I have some F/Os that are minors early in the series but then canonically age up to adults later. I only selfship with the adult version of my F/O in this case.
  • For my ask to share F/Os: Ask to Share doesn't apply if I follow first, dw! As long as I have a tag to block, I'm cool!
  • I selfship with all forms of my FGO F/Os, unless stated otherwise.
  • I do write/post some potentially triggering content, mostly general angst/violence but it's always tagged!

  • Here's the non-selfship tags I will be using on this blog! (Scroll down the box to see more!)
    #xochitl speaks: ☆ General me posts
    #xo stfu challenge: ☆ Spam and random shit that I scream into the void!
    #xo horny jail: ☆ As mentioned before, NSFW shit, no kiddos allowed
    #sad xochitl hours: ☆ Vent posts / Me Angsting
    #cornflower mailbox: ☆ Responding to Asks and other inbox stuff!
    #reblogz!: ☆ Reblogs, simple :D
    #xochitl's works: ☆ Art and writing I've made!
    #flowering library: ☆ fanfic reblogs
    #xochitl's lovesick nonsense: ☆ short rambles abt f/os!
    #etzli: ☆ angst/trigger warning for writing